HeartSaver Pediatrics First Aid  CPR/AED – Classroom

This course is specially designed to train those responsible for children’s health in meeting state-specific requirements.  It meets the regulatory and credentialed training requirements for child-care working in all 50 states.

This course teaches:

  • Pediatric first aid
  • Asthma care training for child-care providers
  • Child and Infant  CPR
  • Child and infant AED
  • Pediatric first aid topics, including eye injuries; fever; suspected abuse; snake, spider, scorpion, tick bites. Burns.

Targeted audiences for this course are:

  • Child-care and foster-care workers
  • Teachers
  • Recreation and other community program staff
  • Camp counselors
  • Sports coaches and trainers
  • New parents, guardians, and other caretakers
  • Other individuals involved in child care who have a duty to respond to a cardiac emergency.



CPR / AED Healthcare Provider (BLS)

CPR / AED & First Aid Non-Healthcare

Skill Session

Group Rate BLS Healthcare Provider

Group Rate CPR / AED & First Aid Non-Health

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